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Texas standard energy


All claims are independently verified by a third-party engineering firm

WTI Crude Price
Brent Crude Price
Natural Gas Price

Over 100 Drilling locations

Proven Reserves to Drill On

*As defined in the 2015 Haas Engineering reserve report.

Proven one of the lowest known breakevens in the industry

Proven team of Barnett Shale specialists to execute development

View Team Here

Proven fracking source Quasar Energy Services has fracked thousands of Barnett Shale wells over the last 20+ years. They have also re-fracked 100’s of wells in the last 5 years, enhancing returns on existing wells

Proven third party Barnett Shale Engineers

Proven 3D seismic with 100s of successful wells drilled from data

Proven contracted low cost water

See aerial photo of reservoirs

Proven Natural Gas and Liquids contract – 3 years of performance

Proven all operations in Texas, one of the nation’s most friendly oil and gas state

A Natural Market Hedge

Proven Three Revenue Streams

Barnett combo named by EOG produces three streams of almost-equal quantities.

Stream One


High Quality
40° Gravity, Sweet
Commands premium price WTI +

Stream Two

Dry Gas

Located near fourth largest metroplex in US. 7.6 million consumers based on 2020 census

Rapidly growing gas market

Stream Three


Moves via Pipeline to the Texas Gulf Coast market. One of the most competitive U.S. Markets

Feedstock for plastics = fast growing sector

26 years in Barnett

Fairfax Energy

Fairfax Energy Corporation will support Texas Standard Energy with:

  • High quality drilling locations on proven reserve acreage
  • Contracts for low cost frack water – average $200,000 /well savings
  • Natural gas contract without markup to TSE fund
  • Targa’s pipelines and gas gathering systems crisscross area of interest
  • Targa’s Bellevue compression station is operating far below its capacity
  • 18 years of active leasing in area of interest
  • Former county judge is landman
  • Owned field offices & facilities
  • Operator with over 25 year working history with Texas Railroad Commission
  • Area of interest is well served with low cost rural electricity to power electric drilling rigs
  • Long standing relationship with areas largest, oldest and most experienced frack and cement provider
  • Modern 3D seismic data that covers the area of interest
  • Targa’s pipeline system serves most, if not all of the areas of interest
  • The area of interest is also served by Atmos

Unmatched Experience

Our Leadership Team

Rodney & Josie Hughes


Joe Autem



Long-standing relationships


Motivated by project success


Details matter


Totally committed to the Barnett Combo Project

First Independent to Hire 8 Top Barnett Shale Industry Professionals

Sponsor Section

Haas Engineering

Texas Standard Energy, and affiliates, are fully engaged with the firm. Haas serves in all engineering roles and overviews every phase from well maintenance to drilling and fracking. Beginning in 2004, the firm advised on lease location for acquisition as the Barnett expanded. All planning for drilling and completion begins and ends with Haas Engineering playing a vital role.

Oil, Energy, and Gas sector

Why the Barnett Shale

industry advantage

The Barnett Combo has one of the lowest breakeven economics in the industry. The current economics only take into account the initial drilling program, which is only the beginning of the production life cycle of the Barnett Combo oil and gas wells. At some point in the years after the initial production from each well a re-frack program can be implemented to augment the production, which will significantly impact the economics in a positive manner. Texas Standard’s project manager has been re-fracking Barnett shale wells since 2015. As Devon’s completion engineer supervisor he has successfully re-fracked over 100 horizontal and 1,000 vertical wells. Most active operators in the Barnett have active re-frack programs. An existing wellbore that is fully equipped is a valuable asset that offers an economic opportunity to recover additional oil and gas in place without the cost of a new well. Some estimates suggest that for 1/3rd of the cost of a new well, 80% of recoverable reserves of a new well can be produced. Re-fracking will be in place in the Barnett Shale to add economic value to TSE’s Barnett Shale combo projects.

First independent to acquire seismic data, drill, frack, and deploy microseismic surveys to ascertain if the frack stayed in the zone. Also acquired full cores, side wall cores, and utilize full suite of BJ Hughes logs to produce six vertical wells in the Archer county Barnett Shale.

Texas Standard Energy has the highest regard for lowest cost efficiency. All the while, maintaining strict environmental behavior during every operational phase. The drilling rigs rated to drill a total well depth of 15,000 feet are top drives powered by electricity. In a normal operation, diesel powered generators create the electricity that drives hydraulic equipment which moves everything. The area of interest where TSE will drill is well served with rural electric power which, in most cases, will be used rather than the less desirable diesel generators, and with a cost savings. Texas Standard Energy will deliver it’s gas through company owned pipelines that connect to Targa’s gathering system. Targa’s grid of pipelines in the area are operated at low pressure and far below it’s volume capacity. Texas Standard has no need to flare natural gas due to owning our own gas gathering and delivering in to a system operating far below its rated capacity.


One of the first Independent operators in the Barnett Shale

2000 - 2003

Drilled 92 vertical wells in the Barnett Shale and sold assets to Encana


One of the first independents to drill in Barnett Shale Denton counties rich gas region


First acreage block acquired and vertical well drilled in Barnett Shale in Western Montague County oil window


First Barnett Shale acreage block assembled in oil window and sold to EOG in 2007


First independent to drill horizontal well in Barnett Shales oil window

192 Wells Permitted and/or Drilled in the Barnett in the Last 12 Months

Hundreds of Barnett Wells Re-Fracked in the last 12 Months

*Ref: Drilling Info

Hillwood Oil & Gas Operating LP

BKV Barnett LLC

Lime Rock Resources IVALP

Bedrock Production LP

Canyon Operating LP

Joint Resources


McCutchin Petroleum Corp.

Sage Natural Resources LLC

Lakota Energy LTD

Total (TEP) Barnett USA LTD

GHA Barnett LLC

XTO (Exxon)


Strategic Partners

Pictured: Rusty Werline, Rodney Hughes, and Reagan

A message from our founder

“I don’t know of a single project being offered anywhere to anyone with *proven reserve designation……..generally, operators have geology that presents a good case for acquiring leases and drilling but, at best, that kind of acreage is no more than “prospective” and far removed from having proven designation.”


As defined by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) An estimate of reserves as provided in a third-party engineering reserve report

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Field Office:

Texas Standard Energy
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Corporate Office:

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